Detect more. Connect more. Sell more.



    Tailor made support to leverage your revenue and cost efficiency in a hybrid world.

    Powered by hands on, agile and pragmatic digital transformation models and approach.

    Managed and executed by a team of highly specialized and field experienced experts.

    With a proven track record of success in transforming leading European companies.

    And rewarded with the prestigious EFFIE, MIXX and AMMA awards.

  • You.



    You want to digital transform your company

    to leverage your revenue and cost efficiency.


    And therefor you attended innovation

    trips and conferences.


    Probably you also read the books

    of the gurus of disruption.


    So, you know what to do,

    or what you could do.



  • We lived your challenge.

    Many times.



    We will detect your target groups and their needs

    better and faster than competition.


    Connect those target groups with you

    in the most efficient and valuable way.


    Provide them seamless digital experiences,

    they want and will share with their family and friends,

    to convert those needs into sales.


    As a result,

    your revenue and/or cost efficiency will leverage.



  • We make it happen.



    We scan your organization, people, channels, customer journey's, ... . The ambition is to measure and compare your digital performance to detect, connect and convert with best in class players.



    We shrink the scope and focus one product or segment and we shrink your company by creating a multi-disciplinary squad team of experts. The ambition is to break the silo's in your company and live test your end2end digital performance : discover the gaps and create a success story.



    Proof the strategy to all stakeholders by using the audit results, the success story and learnings of the case. The ambition is to make a pragmatic hands on plan to put the digital transformation into action.



    Execute the plan. Transform your organization, tools, way of work, ... to better detect, connect and convert with your target groups. Transfer our knowledge and expertise. Guide and support you to do, learn, measure, change, ... .

  • Us.

    A Boutique Consultancy Agency. 

    First, we don't recruit consultants. They will only tell you what to do. We focus on how to do it.
    So, our team leads of pragmatic digital leaders and experts are all field experienced.
    They will make your transformation happen.


    Second, we will not force you to use our models and approach.
    We will tailor them to best fit your organization and partners.


    Last but not least, we don't act alone. We will work hand-in-hand with you and your partners.

    Support and manage you to transform : do, learn and adapt.


    As a result, Digipolitans repeated success in digital transforming leading companies in Europe.


  • Case.

    Data-driven transformation in 12 weeks : How Proximus and Digipolitans made it happen


    Serving both the residential and the enterprise market, Proximus is the largest telecom company in Belgium. It offers fixed phone, mobile, internet and TV as well as digital solutions for businesses. Proximus partnered with boutique consultancy Digipolitans in tackling their challenge of eliminating silos to leverage revenue and cost efficiency in a digitizing world. Discover more ...

  • A proven trackrecord.

    of success in leading European companies such as




  • Digipolitans wins The MIXX 2018 Award for best digital performance.

    A hattrick for Digipolitans!


    After winning an AMMA and Effie award earlier this year we won yesterday a silver Mixx award in the category best performance. We thank Proximus for trusting us to support them to structural change the company to leverage their revenue efficiency in an exciting digital transformation journey. #silver #mixxaward

    Digipolitans wins the EFFIE 2018 Award

    We are so proud to announce that Proximus and Digipolitans wins both the prestigieus Effie2018 Award and the best Digital Media effectiveness.


    We at Digipolitans enjoy(ed) a lot the intensive collaboration with team Proximus. We thank Proximus for trusting us to support them to structural change the company to leverage their revenue efficiency. And last but not least, we are so happy that Effie network rewarded us all with this great recognition.

    Digipolitans wins the AMMA 2018 Award

    We are proud to announce that Proximus and Digipolitans wins the prestigious AMMA 2018 award for Best use of data & performance marketing. Together we made Proximus digital transformation happen.


    We are proud that both of us were highly rewarded thanks to this collaboration. Proximus wins with structural higher sales performance. We both win with this great AMMA Award recognition. We are proud that our team supported this great transformation journey. We also like to thank our teams. You did such a great job! And last but not least Proximus for trusting us to guide them to the future.



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