• 80% of customer interactions will be digital by 2020.

    This could be an incredible opportunity
    for your company.


    We will leverage your digital channel and marketing performance.

    To increase revenue and cost efficiency.


    That's how we see this opportunity.



  • You


    attended the innovation

    trips and conferences.


    And you read the books

    of the gurus of disruption.


    So, you know what to do,

    or what you could do.


  • We lived your challenge.

    Many times.



    We will identify potential

    before competition does.


    We will connect you with this potential

    in the most efficient and valuable way.


    Provide them seamless digital experiences.

    they want to share with their community.

    As a result,

    increase your brand and product preference.
    And your revenues of course.

    Because those customers want to use you

    as thé marketplace (again).


  • Seasoned digital leaders

    and experts.​


    Our qualified team is field ànd execution experienced.

    Because Digipolitans is a network of seasoned digital leaders and experts.

    And we're hiring Digital Marketing Experts to join our team! Discover more


    Christophe | Strategic and Change lead

    is a respected executive with 18 years expertise in developing, transforming and managing profitable digital businesses.


    He managed and transformed different (parts of) leading companies in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Portugal. Christophe founded Digipolitans in 2014.


    Christophe has degrees in marketing, communication, accountancy and management. He studied at the Vlerick Business School.


    Contact Christophe : christophe@digipolitans.com


    Jarno | Digital Marketing lead

    has 13 years experience in digital marketing and product development. He is specialized in digital marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics.

    He managed different content and digital maketing departments for leading companies in Belgium and The Netherlands. Jarno joined Digipolitans as a partner.


    Jarno has a degrees in marketing, communication, political and social sciences. He studied at the Vlerick Business School.


    Contact Jarno : jarno@digipolitans.com



    Cécile | Digital Product lead

    has 13 years of strategic and operational (digital) marketing, product development and management

    She managed and transformed different companies in highly competitive environments and for leading search companies in Dublin, France and Brussels.


    Cécile has degrees in marketing and communication sciences. She is Google Certified Professional. And studied at the Business School of Plymouth


    Contact Cécile : cécile@digipolitans.com




    Timo | Digital Content lead

    has multiple years of experience in digital communication.

    He is specialized in online content marketing and SEO, together with conversation management.

    He managed the digital content transformation for leading companies in Belgium and The Netherlands.


    Timo has degrees in online marketing and communication sciences. He studied at the EHSAL Management School.


    Contact Timo : timo@digipolitans.com




    Maarten | Intelligence lead

    has 8 years experience as data scientist. He has a extended experience in translating analytics and statistics to business and consumer predictive models.

    Maarten managed different customer and business intelligence teams in Belgium, France, UK and the US.


    Maarten has degrees in marketing, data exploration, SAS, and customer statistics. He studied at the Vlerick Business School


    Contact Maarten : info@digipolitans.com




    Allan | Programmatic lead

    is an internet pioneer with an extensive experience in creating digital marketplaces and on line advertising solutions.


    Allan is a commercial engineer. He studied at the Solvay Business School.


    Contact Allan : allan@digipolitans.com


  • We start where others stop


    Yes, we will empower your organization with inspiration and a tailor made approach

    to leverage your digital channel and marketing performance.

    But we will mainly focus on how to make the digital transformation happen.



    Is a unique strategic model that turns the 'what' into the 'how'

    Because execution makes any ambition and plan valuable. Or not.

  • The right message.

    Via the right channel.

    At the right moment.



    A strategic model that makes your digital transformation happen.

    With a clear focus on execution : you, your organization and your partners.

    d.model will track and detect behavior of your customers. Based on this behavior, we will help you to talk their language. And pull them, faster than competition, to one of your channels.

    You can only lead if your stakeholders are enthusiastic to follow. Therefor the plan must be simple and concrete. d.Model will make digital transformation hands on and make all your stakeholders part of the digital transformation.

    d.Model is based on 20 years of digital field experience. Successes ànd failures. We will map your ambitions with our expertise, And not vice versa ... .

    A plan needs clear ambitions. The importance of analytics is crucial. d.Model speed up the think, act, measure, adapt process. Powered by results measurement.

    d.Model will connect you with your customers when they are in search of you, your product or service. And not (only) if you are in search of them.

    The change driver of d.Model is our squad team approach. Consumer focussed multi-competence self-organizing & leading teams share knowledge and learnings between different departments & partners their partners.

  • Let's talk !

    You + us = awesome.


    Christophe Glorieux

    Managing Partner | Founder of Digipolitans

    +32 495 89 09 08